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Mergers & Acquisitions
Cortis Capital :: Beyond Finance


Merger & Acquisition, Divestiture

We will advise you on every stage of acquiring a company; from researching and identifying potential target companies to conducting a due diligence investigation, and negotiating and structuring a deal through to completion. We will provide the support and advice you need to ensure you know what you are acquiring, and at the right price. If you are looking to sell your business, we will advise you on the best timing and likely value, and then find buyers through our research, our extensive network of contacts and of your knowledge of the sector in which you operate. We will then negotiate the sale on your behalf and project manage the transaction through to completion. Our services include:

• Establishing strategic footprint
• Cross-selling services and penetrating clients
• Building scale and driving efficiencies
• Taking out competitors
• Not being locked in to local markets
• Diversifying operational and currency risk
• Improving investor story
• Eliminating duplicate overheads
• Off-shoring back-office operations
• Acquiring intellectual property; and
• Expanding capabilities and reach




Corporate Finance Advice

Cortis has extensive relationships around the globe and can help domestic and international companies expand or accelerate their growth. Our success in delivering results is based on our sector and market intelligence, deal expertise, knowledge and know how. We can help you plan, develop and achieve the following corporate finance strategies:

• Strategic review
• Global strategy
• Go to market strategy
• Raising capital
• Acquisitions
• Management buy-outs
• Disposals strategy



Management Buy Out & Buy In

If the opportunity arises to acquire the business you are managing, it could be the most important opportunity of your career. However, MBOs are very complicated transactions, with many issues that need to be resolved simultaneously for the transaction to progress smoothly. As experienced advisers who have been involved in a large number of MBOs, we will help structure the deal, agree to the right price, conduct a thorough and commercial due diligence review, raise the financing, all while guiding you through the entire process.





Fund raising in either the private or public markets can be a complex, time consuming process, particularly for the client and can divert management attention form the day-to-day business. We will manage the process for management and its shareholders, therefore limiting the disruption to the business. Through our domestic and international network of equity and debt providers, we can access a wide pool of financial institutions and will select the most appropriate legal, accounting, brokering and other partners.
















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